Saturday, April 21, 2007

I got booted by my baby!

I am SUPPOSED to be helping the Cub Scouts plant around a community building for a service project in honor of Earth Day with Justin right now... Um. He FIRED me and brought Daddy with instead!! :( Dude. I've been one-upped.

BUT! Bonus, here. I am eating Dove Irresistibly Raspberry ice cream and getting ready to clean my van (SCARY in there!).

And, I got to rock my baby... I mean, BIG GIRL. Sorry bout that. She will TELL you she's a "Beeeg guurrrlll" as she climbs the ladder to the slide and SWINGS on the real swings by herself! Be still my heart.... my baby is quickly disappearing. Morphing into this awesome, intelligent, funny, loving, sweet, stubborn, AMAZING little girl... As her legs hang OVER the edge of her car seat and her body becomes more angles than chubs, I grasp onto these moments of babyhood. The packing away of the strollers and crib will be a dark, dark day in my household... But not for a LONG time, yet. I MEAN IT this time. Sigh... the circle of life... the cycles that continue, change, continue, change...

Happy Earth Day weekend! Make a difference! We are doing great recycling and have lots of seeds planted for our first crop of veggies! Wish us luck. I also vow to hold out on the air conditioning as long as possible this summer, as another way to save a few buckets of coal and money!

Now, go plant a tree or something! It's GORGEOUS out!
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