Tuesday, April 24, 2007

gDiapers are here!!!

Ok. I am officially a Mom with nothing better to do but get excited over diapers. Sigh...

BUT !!! They are soooo cute!! The gDiapers just came in the mail (ordered on Sunday night, delivered on Tuesday morning. Not bad...) and OMG her butt is so cute in them! Corinne is sleeping right now, so we'll see if I figured it out just right the first time, but they seemed pretty simple - except that I thought the liner was HUGE when I first saw it. I think I understand why, now. To make it the right shape with lots of absorbency! They kind of remind me of those massive pads they give you in the hospital after giving birth. But inside the liner? Cute! And her butt is actually smaller than with the disposables (shallow? Is my butt too big, Mommy?) , which, to be honest, was an issue with me. Let's see how they stand up to naptime... Of course, her disposables leaked often, too. So leaking wouldn't be a reason to not use them. ONLY if they leaked a lot when she poops. Crossing my fingers!!

I think I am becoming that mom that talks about recycling and environment... What next? Organic?!? :)

I feel invigorated. I feel useful, proactive. I feel less helpless, more helpful. If I contribute even 1 year's worth less of diapers to the landfills, I will have made a difference. And, knowing my kids, she will be in diapers till she's 3, so we're talking 18 months or more. Let's see... 18 months times 5 diapers a day (give or take for those icky days...) equals.... 2,737 diapers! Eeeewwww.....

I now feel the need to let everyone know. I am the test subject for my sister. If I like them, she's thinking about going green, too. So thanks, Sheryl! Your post made a huge difference to the environment!

GORGEOUS day out AGAIN!! The broccoli is sprouting and so are the watermelons (my children's picks... Oy.) I have tons of laundry to do but FIRST, I must bathe. I reek. :) TMI...
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