Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rhyming words

Ok. There are just some things that should NOT come out of your 4 year (almost 5 year!) old's mouth.

For example:

In the car yesterday...

Evan: Mommy, I love Chuck E Cheese. What rhymes with Chuck?

Me: Lots of things. Luck, truck, stuck...

Evan: Don't forget f*ck Mommy. You can't forget f*ck.

Me: WHAT did you just say?!?!

Evan: F*ck.

Me: (jaw hitting the steering wheel) Um, Evan, that is a reallllly naughty word, remember? You can NOT say it again, do you understand me?

Seriously, it was really funny. Evan has a habit of rhyming words he likes and singing them. Chucky, chucky chucky. Lucky, lucky lucky. Mommy Wommy Tommy... You get the idea. We have had to BAN rhyming at our house.

On a happier note, the boys' closet is cleaned out AGAIN. YAY. Until next season. Boo....

Lots of birthday parties for the next 2 weeks. Hope I can update soon, but until then, Have a great spring break!! 3 kids for 8 days.... HOORAY.
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