Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The part where I go off on a menstrual-induced rambling tangent...

So, I've painted 2 1/2 walls. I'm off to bed to finish the other 1 1/2. I had forgotten that Patrick always does the top 2 inches of our walls... so our walls currently have no paint up top. Super. Also, I ordered these dressers tonight. I TOLD you that I was in a spending mood! AND I bought 2 new lamps (on sale) at WalMart today. And I plan on getting new picture frames and some artwork. I am SICK of having a crappy bedroom. We deserve a room that doesn't have all of the cast-offs from other rooms and other people's homes. If it doesn't match the room, it is NOT coming back in the house. And if it has a sword or Lego arms or squeaks or growls when you squeeze it, it does NOT belong in MY bedroom. (nothing nasty intended) ALSO, I intend on going totally Trading Spaces and making my headboard. I am thinking of waiting for the big thaw and less mud so that I can traipse through the woods ( ALONE ) and gather twigs and branches so that I can nail them to a frame. Yes. I am going to do it. And I will keep the laundry hamper OUT of our room. I am really liking it in the hallway. If the house is a mess, at least I can get away from it at nighttime, right? Right. And I want candles. THAT MATCH. And I will frame some of our valentine/anniversary/just cuz cards or notes. In frames THAT MATCH. And they will be hung in a purposeful manner so that one does not feel like they are visiting a college dorm room. And I will figure out how to close our closet door (I guess cleaning the closet would be a good idea?) so that the room will be more romantic. And I will enjoy it immensely!

But first I have to finish painting the walls.
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