Sunday, February 18, 2007

And he's gone...

Patrick left for Toronto tonight. Sigh... I hate hate HATE being alone. Actually, let me say that in a different way. I don't mind SOME parts of it: like not having anyone else to lobby with or agree with in parenting, or having total freedom of our nighttime routine (not noting when Pat gets home, etc.). And some parts are horrible: like NOT HAVING ANYONE ELSE TO PARENT WITH, and having total responsibility for our nighttime routines (with no breaks when Pat gets home). See my point?

Anyway. I have just finished helping Justin and Evan "discover" dinosaurs that were buried in plaster eggs. Oy, the mess! I just bathed them, too!!! We now have plaster on our foreheads and on my camera, but I don't care. They were clean at some point today. That's all that matters.

So, I am awaiting my hubby's call to know that all's well with his flight. He should be landing in the next hour... I hate this. HATE it.

Oh! Please continue to post any songs you can think of on my previous post. I'd really appreciate it!
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