Friday, February 09, 2007

Nothing is THAT important.

I realize that everyday, as I drive to do ordinary things, I tend to focus on the possibility of not being around tomorrow, or the next day... Of being in a car crash and not being around for my husband or kids. I try to stop worrying about the dumb stuff. I try to pay closer attention the road and to being happy with my kids. I would not want to die in a state of being frazzled and frenzied... to die because I was rushing. No where in the world is important enough for me to rush through a yellow light. For me to cut off the guy in line. For me to get road rage. Nothing is worth it.

If I'm late for a VERY important playgroup, or the grocery store or the doctor's office... yeah. Life will go on. And in all honesty, is there anywhere that ANYone has to EVER be that is important enough that it risks my life, my children's lives and the lives of everyone else on the road?

No. Nothing and no one is that important. So please, slow down. Please stop at the lights. Don't get mad at someone who made an honest mistake (or not so honest). It's not worth it.

It's NOT.

Edited to add, in response to Jen's comment: No, nothing has happened recently, persay. All is well, thanks. I just reflect on tragedies that happen all the time and try to keep things in perspective. This past fall, a mother from a group I belong to was with her mother and her 2 baby boys when they were in a fatal car crash. Her husband was left without any family at all. Things like that just make me shudder. How does a person recover from that? CAN a person recover from that? How do you live in your home? Work at your job? Drive the streets anymore? I would end up as a missionary, far, far away, were that to happen to me...
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