Monday, February 26, 2007

Maunday Maunday Maunday....

This weekend we had Justin's birthday parties. I am SO glad that's over. Don't get me wrong, I ENJOY cleaning my house so that it can be trashed (twice). I ENJOY having 11 children in the house all yelling and jumping and bouncing around (with pop and cookies in their hands to boot). I ENJOY having to take my 8 year old son up to his room during his family party because he was being SO RUDE about not getting any "inside" toys (despite the fact that he was thrilled with his new books and Nintendo DS games). I ENJOY getting to sit upstairs during a party while he screams BLOODY MURDER and BLAMES ME for him losing control. It just makes my day!

Big weight off of my shoulders. No parties till Evan's birthday in April. And I got Patrick to take the ladder upstairs so I can now put 3 coats of paint on the top 2 inches of wall. Oh JOY!! That should be fun, quality time spent by myself (during naptime, of course). I think the room should be totally finished by 2008...

Hey. Did you know that if you buy a baggie of 12 rubbery caterpillars for a kid party, they will fling them at the ceiling and walls (but only after your HUSBAND shows them how) and then stick them there till they leave marks all over your house?

Oh, and did you know that my husband thought that since Justin doesn't like cake, that he wouldn't want to be sung Happy Birthday to, and so he started cutting it when I said "YOU'RE in charge of the cake and ice cream." ??? So we had a candle in half of a cake. Not that justin cared, but it was really funny. Not so hysterical as I type it hurriedly here, though. How do you all find the time to write with your brain cells pulling more than one lined phrases out of your heads? I have no time. I have to go get the baby "Maaa Ma! MaaaaaaMA!!" and get the kids out the door after I scrape the snow and drive to school... blah blah blah. But I type on.

Is it spring yet? I could really use a WALK to school...
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