Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bleecchggghheeehhhhdaaaaa!!!!! (with fingers in my ears...)

Ok. I just had a really uncomfortable conversation with Justin. But I (hope) think I did a decent job of not letting on how uncomfortable I really was.

He has a good friend who just happens to be a girl. She is a nice kid, and soooo not girly. This is not the point. The point is that the two of them want to have a sleepover. And the point is that Patrick and I had a discussion that this wasn't gonna happen. No boy-girl sleepovers for any of our kids. End of story. I don't want to assume that my 8 year old boy wouldn't get curious, at some point. Or that at 9 or 10 he would understand that he suddenly couldn't sleep over at his best friend's house. So. I got to explain to him (briefly) what sex really is and how little kids can sometimes be curious about each other's bodies and how that's not appropriate. (insert creepy shudder of all moms here) I also had a brief explanation of WHY it's not appropriate and WHAT can happen (pregnancy and deadly-diseases).

Seriously? I need a drink. And HOW did I get elected to talk to my SON about this?!?!?

Actually, I have always wanted to be the one to introduce them to the sex talks. And I'm glad I finally have. (I even said "vagina" without passing out). I'm sure this will be one of those posts that he would rather I remove from the internet, but it's MY blog and I MUST put on here that I am sooooo wishing this wasn't even an issue.

To soothe his hurt feelings, I am letting him play video games BEFORE homework and piano.

He then wanted to know if we could at least invite his guy buddy over soon. To which I had to grudgingly agree... So I now have to call his friend's dad and invite him over soon. Yay....

WHY do these things happen when Patrick is out of town?!?!
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