Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go Bears!

Ok, so we went to dinner at a fondue place last night that is way over priced but SO SO delicious! We save it for special occasions, like our TAX RETURN!!! :) Had my first apple martini. Loved it so much, I had another. And I was feelin good....
We had a really nice night out.

But that's not my main point tonight. I was ASTOUNDED by the Bears mania going on closer to Chicago!! 2 buildings had their windows lit up in Bears letters and the big "C" insignia. Amazing! The coordination required to do this, on the 20 story buildings with windows and curtains needing to be just-so... Some serious fans. Even the tollway had their usual running lights over the road and then, slipped in between the "10 minutes to blah blah," was "Go Bears!" We had, in our town, kids dressed from head to toe yesterday in orange and blue, people shoveling snow in the "C", clearing the ice rinks with "Go Bears!", and enough orange and blue flags flapping hysterically from car windows for a lifetime!

So, Chicagoland is Bears' manic. We need to have the game over and done with just so that we can get back to our regularly scheduled lives. Granted, I am really excited for a party at my sister's tomorrow and I am really happy for my husband and all of the other fans, but it IS a little crazy.

I am making chili and we are bringing "WOW!" wings (oh my God, the Thai peanut wings are incredible!) The kids will be exhausted for school the next day, but this will not matter to Patrick. You know what? I just had a thought. On Christmas night, we took separate cars so that he could go home by 8:00 because he had work the next morning (he gets up at 3:00) but I will guarantee that we will be out late tomorrow night, with no regard as to how tired he will be at work the next day.... hmmmm. Interesting.
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