Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just a little gripe this morning...

Driving Justin to school in the 15 or so degree weather. So, everyone else is out driving THEIR kids, too. If you leave 5 minutes late, you're gonna pay the price in traffic, right?

Right. Now, I understand this, and so do most of the other parents. BUT. 2 people today decided that THEY were more important than the rest of us. That THEY had somewhere much more important to go or to do or whatever and that THEY should be allowed to cut in front of the 40-50 cars waiting to drop their kids off.

So, I did what any rational person would do. I blocked the guy in behind me.

Not road rage. NO. Just a gentle reminder to wait your turn. However. Miss teeny car still managed to fit through the area between my car and curb, cut ahead of 3 other cars, cross the busy intersection, and then bypass the other 20 cars waiting for their own turns!!

The clincher? On her bumper stickers, plastered all over her car, we could read about how to become as wonderful as she is:

"Jesus is the way" "What would Jesus do?" and the fish insignia.

Hmmmm... what WOULD Jesus do? Well, I don't think he would have blocked you in (as I did) but I also don't think he would have risked the lives of dozens of kids by breaking the law and cutting in front of everyone.

On a lighter topic, I just love that I can put my daughter in dresses!! She has on the cutest little Osh Kosh jean overall dress with thick ribbons in bright pinks and the cutest little brown Mary Jane type shoes. Man. I wish I could be 1 year old again and wear such cute stuff! Sending out a thanks to my sister for all of the lovely hand-me-downs!
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