Saturday, January 13, 2007


Ok. You all said it. I just never believed it. I couldn't figure it out, so I thought that it couldn't be that great.

Oh, was I wrong. Soooo wrong, my fellow bloggers...

I am hooked on Bloglines. It ROCKS! I click once, see that 3 people have new posts, quickly click and read and then continue on my merry way. My life is MINE again! I can actually "check in" with my blogs without checking out with my family!!

I am sorry that I didn't believe...

FYI, that last post was quite the ego booster! I am tempted to become a comment junkie (like Jaymi!) but I don't think I have enough to say on a regular basis to maintain that many comments!!

What a weekend so far!! You really wanna go there? Ooookay...

Friday: no school (t.i.) Yay! We will go pick up Justin's new prescription, hit the library and then lunch at Chuck E Cheese to reward Justin for taking his meds so well the first week. (I truly am a cool Mom!)

Walgreens. No problem. In and out. (I so rock...)

Library. Not too many problems. Found lots of books. Only minor arguments over who gets to put the books in the return slot and scan on the cool scanner. Oh, and having to tell Evan 8,000 times to keep his voice down (the bane of my existence). OH, and $18 in late fees!! (insert really angry face there...)

And off to C.E.C. !!


Except Chuck E Cheese has decided to relocate. And the new building isn't open yet. And the baby fell asleep (cuz it was TIME for a nap and I had all of this planned out and it is rapidly going downhill) so McDonald's playland was out (and on the other side of town, anyway) and the boys are starting to whine and cry and I feel really bad cuz Justin really REALLY earned this.

After much sadness and discussion, we go through the drive thrus at McD's (not the playland one) AND Subway (Justin's appetite is apparently NOT being affected by the Strattera) and go home. Corinne wakes up after her miniscule 40 minute nap so that she can eat half of my food...

I put her down for a nap so that I can hop in the shower. Incidentally, she was screaming bloody murder when I got out of the shower, and the boys never came to tell me (grrrr...)

Ok. Clean the cat box. Do my hair. Iron blouse. Make up on. Grandma and Aunt over to babysit. Change my blouse cuz it doesn't look good with skirt (yes. A SKIRT.) Patrick's home and off we go to a dinner theater to eat delicious food and watch The King and I. (a Christmas present from Pat to me!) Home really late (midnightish) to find ALL THREE KIDS awake on the couch watching the credits of a movie as it begins!!! Huh?!?

Sigh. Grandma's a big ole softy. The kids adore her! So, we begin the process of trying to settle them all down.

To make the rest of this long story a bit shorter, Corinne finally passed out at 1:30, Justin around 1:00 and Evan passed out the second his head hit the pillow. I was so happy to be up late as I had a speech meet this morning that I needed to be up for at 6:00 am.

Well. That was a bit long and hopefully not too boring, but this IS my journal/blog and I needed to document it for myself!! We have a Christmas party tomorrow that has been rescheduled once already so we are off to Indiana tomorrow. (Yes, Patrick will miss the Bears game. Boo hoo)

And there's no school on Monday, so I might be brave and travel to another C.E.C. in a different town...
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