Friday, January 26, 2007

Name that child!

Copy cat that I am, I will write about my kids' names and how we came up with them. Sounds better than what I would have come up with myself, which is NOTHING. (Still on a brain freeze over here).

Ok. Thanks to New Mama's Nest and Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing, I will enlighten you to our family's stories...

Justin. Our firstborn! We didn't know his gender (stinker wouldn't show us) so we had to pick one for each gender. We had some very different opinions on what was "good" and what wasn't. (He liked "Trey" and "Cody" and I just couldn't go there as I grew up with horses named those...) Anyway, I finally listed the name Justin one day and he (surprisingly) nodded and we just went with it. His middle name is David, after my dad (Father to 3 girls!). If he had been a girl, he would have been Corinne Elizabeth.

Evan. LOVE his name. Evan Patrick. It just rings so nicely to me. And I can shout it and it has a good flow. I can't remember where I heard Evan first. A baby book, or from reading off the author's names on my bookshelves, but we both agreed to it quickly, and I think it fits him so well. And his middle name is obviously after my husband, Patrick. If he had been a girl, he would have been Corinne Theresa...

Corinne! FINALLY got to use the name!! I first heard her name (don't laugh...) on the old comedy, "SOAP." Remember that show? Corinne was the daughter of the rich fruitcake... Anyway. We found out, somewhere in the previous 7 years of loving the name, that it was my great-grandmother's middle name as well! How cool, I thought, to have a double meaning to her name. Her middle name, Theresa, is after my mom (her middle name) and myself (my name's a derivitive of Theresa). Corinne Theresa doesn't flow quite as well as I'd like it to, but it was very important to me to have a middle name for her that was special. And that was more important than the flow. I am now so used to the combination, that it sounds fine. But you know what kills me? EVERYONE mispronounces her name!!! It is "Kor-Rin" not "Kor-reen!" If it was spelled "Coreen" I'd understand, but COME ON!! At least the new singer that's out, Corinne Bailey Ray, spells and pronounces her name the same way. And while this may mean that more babies are named the same name, at least people will know how to say it!
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