Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ah, motherhood is grand.

So. How did YOU spend your day?

Did you spend it at a doctor's office and then at an emergency room cuz your baby had a fever of 103, was lethargic and hadn't eaten, drank or peed since the day before?

No? Lucky you.

Corinne is doing better after a scary and long day... She had an i.v. with fluids and then antibiotics when we discovered she has a double ear infection and the flu. But before that, she had to be cathedarized - I almost cried as I sang to her while they did it. She was screaming at first and then just sobbed and shook. Horrendous. She also had to have her nose sucked with a tube down it twice for cultures (again, screaming. Awful.) She had chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia (thank God it wasn't). By the end of the night, she was crying whenever a nurse walked in the room. (I can hardly wait for her next check up...)

Thankfully, my mom came and relieved me and Pat of the boys and took them to the cafeteria. They had been good for several hours, and needed a break. Plus, I didn't want them there when they did all that stuff to the baby. Pretty scary.

I will say, that I loved our e.r. The doctors and nurses were great and jumped right on top of things. With her being so little still, that really gave me some relief. And they re-explained things to me when I asked and were super sympathetic the entire time.

Meanwhile, my sister's baby was also running a high fever with diarrhea and hadn't eaten/drank all day, so THEY took HER to the e.r. as well. She was thankfully sent home with instructions to medicate etc. etc. but still. My family is done. NO MORE SICK BABIES. We have met our quota.

Corinne is currently sleeping (again) upstairs. Her fever is down as the meds are working, but it keeps climbing up. I am sitting here after having had a jam-packed hour. I pumped milk, raced to WAl-Mart for a 15 minute shopping spree (ours closes at 10 pm!! WTF?!?) to get Motrin and Tylenol, Milk and juice, and girly products for me (don't let your hubby buy generic maxi pads. Not a good thing.) I am sitting here gulping down some soup and then I am off to gulp some Tylenol myself as my nose is running and my head is throbbing.
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