Friday, January 05, 2007

Day one

Day one of Strattera for Justin starts tonight. I am a bundle of nerves... I hope that he swallows them without any hassle. I hope that they WORK and that he can express himself without rage, that he can control his hot/cold temper and that he can sit still and participate in class like everybody else!

PLEASE, let this be the answer for him, God!! PLEASE don't make us go through years of searching, and counselling and questioning ourselves. I know what I have. I appreciate it all. I reallllly don't need to be tested, thanks.

On a different note, Evan and I made puppets out of lunch bags today! The 3 pigs and a couple of wolves (cuz 1 isn't enough, apparently), Little Red Riding Hood (who will use the other wolf), and A mouse, a Bear and a Red Ripe Strawberry. I feel bad that he and I don't do these crafty things more often. Justin and I had all of the time in the world when HE was 3 and 4... Sigh. Poor middle child...

I have been reading way too many new blogs lately! It's an addiction, I know. I actually had to walk away from the computer yesterday as I started to sit down, so that I could go to bed early. Pathetic.

Hoping for good things for my baby boy...

Edited to add: It is now 8:21. Justin FINALLY took his pill. We started trying at 6:00. Yes. 2 full hours of screaming, hysterical crying, furious rage, "It's not FAIR!", and on and on before he finally caved in.

He tried to get it down 2 times by swallowing it. Nothing doin. I then broke it up into a shot glass with a bit of water which he swallowed easily and chased with root beer. No shudders of disgust, so it must not have been THAT bad.

I told him great job and hopefully he won't put up this much fuss tomorrow night, to which he promptly said that there was NO WAY he was ever doing THAT again. Ahhhh... my life is grand, right now.

I have to now get directions to judge a speech meet for tomorrow and then try and find something suitable to wear, lay out everyone's clothes for tomorrow cuz we're going to a Christmas party (sigh), and I think a glass of wine is in order again. This kid's gonna make me an alcoholic.
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