Friday, December 01, 2006

Holy snowstorm!

Ok. We are officially housebound today. School's closed due to the ice storm that last from about 8 last night to 3 am and is being followed by the huge fluffy snowflakes in a blustery wind. So, I have thick ice covered by snow. Not a good combination. We are SO not going anywhere today! People in Illinois are crazy the first few snowfalls! Driving either ultra-slow or at a normal speed (i.e. FAST) and causing accidents left and right! It's good for the snowplow drivers, though. Yay for the state employees!! Overtime!! :)

I hope it stops blowing so hard so we can go out and enjoy it! I also wish that Wal-Mart had HAD that milk last night!! (I ran out at the last minute even though Patrick wanted me to stay in cuz we had NO food! I am soooo glad I did after all!).

Enough about the weather? I don't know. It sure was exciting to look outside and see our Christmas lights blinking through the white snow! No footprints, no exhaust marks on the roads yet. Just white and clean and beautiful! I have to climb back into bed. NO SCHOOL!!! 3 day weekend!!!
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