Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good times. Good times...

Well, it's continued to be an interesting week, ending with tonight's last minute doctor appointment which confirmed that Justin does, in fact, have ADHD.
Yippee. And his doctor also confirmed that OCD and Tourette syndrome are also possibilites.
Are we having fun yet? Sigh... I have some forms to fill out and for his teachers at school to fill out and we're going to do some more testing.
Yay Motherhood! And then it's on to possible therapies!
So, does anyone know anything about Strattera? This is the med we were discussing (in addition to therapy) for ADHD. BUT, I am concerned that if he does, in fact, have Tourette syndrome, that some of the ADHD/ADD meds are counterproductive and/or actually increase the tics and other symptoms. So, anyone with any advice, knock yourself out. I'm an open book. And, just for the record, I have been totally stalling in admitting this to myself and to anyone else. Kind of a "ignore the elephant in the room and it'll go away" syndrome, you know? I am actually proud of myself for making and keeping the appointment. I was hoping we could just "fix" him at home. But his problems are just getting worse and nothing makes a permament difference.

Good times. Good times....

And now, for the pictures you've all been waiting for! I FINALLY developed my 7 rolls of film from this fall. Ahem. You don't want to know the $$. In fact, I don't want to know the price!
Here we have Me, Justin and Corinne on our "date" to Starved Rock for the day.
The next few are at the pumpkin farm! (I can't figure out what I did to the pics to make them all smushed together, but I can't fix it.)
And just a cute pic with Evan and Corinne in their winter coats. I have TONS more, but I figured I'd take it slow, you know?
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