Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh Crap.

A brief update at our household: PANIC is coursing through the household as the one and only Pandy Bear is MISSING. I repeat. The method of soothing my 4 year old is unavailable and we are SCREWED at about 3 am this morning when he wakes up crying. I am beating myself up trying to figure out where he could be. But the problem lies in the fact that he went missing last night when Patrick and I were out living up the night life
(after which I got quite smashed and ended up having those drunken chills and hot flashes over at about 3 am) and the kids were with Grandma at our house.

So. Pandy is IN the house somewhere... Last seen in a red tote bag with a panda bear on its side. I am deep breathing as I am as unready for my baby to let go of his lovey as he is... So far, his stuffed T-Rex (otherwise known as Rexy) is sufficing for cuddling. Further updates later on.

Any news on a formerly white and now gray and black panda bear with a rubbed raw left ear and neck, PLEASE let me know!!
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