Monday, October 09, 2006

My weekend

Wow. What a weekend. Where do I start?

Well, Patrick took Evan to Wisconsin Dells for their Daddy/Son weekend. They had an absolute blast. But the best part of him taking Evan was that I got to spend so much time with Justin (and Corinne, of course. But she's just a baby, so I got a lot of time with Justin, uninterrupted).

He had Friday and Monday off, so we took advantage. Here's our itinerary:

Friday: went hiking at Starved Rock (big big state park). Did mucho stair climbing, hiking through waterways, looking for canyons and waterfalls(found several breathtaking ones), and found our very own geodes!! Corinne enjoyed the backpacking but my feet were very very sad and blistered by the end of the day. The weather was GORGEOUS and perfect. Justin and Corinne were angels and behaved impeccably. We went home and spent the evening watching "Sky High" and snuggling under my covers while the wind whistled through the open window. Loved it.

Saturday: Went to a birthday party for my 1 year old cousin. They had a trampoline and lots of kids there. Justin had a ball! And Corinne was thoroughly excited to see that they had baby toys, a dog, and a visiting puppy Chihuahua( the tiniest thing in the world!). Justin then had his buddy over (the one who helped him poke holes in the window. Remember this?) to spend the night. They played video games, get the bad guys, and ate pizza and sour Skittles ("How many can you eat at one time?"). Drank some grape pop and had popcorn while watching a movie on the floor in sleeping bags and giggled till 1 am when I finally said "ENOUGH!"

Sunday: We went to a pumpkin farm with our neighborhood. Great weather, great idea. BAD pumpkin farm. Bentgson's is horrible. Way too crowded, in a SUBDIVISION for crying out loud (THAT was a fun "hay ride"), and ridiculously expensive for what they were providing. Enough said. Don't go there. But Corinne got to see a couple of baby bunnies and that made it worthwhile. We will be going back to our favorite pumpkin farm and sticking with it from now on. Next week, I think!

Monday: Evan was home, but Grandma took him for the day for a special day (to repay him for when she took just Justin a few weeks ago). So I took Justin and Corinne to The Museum of Science and Industry. FREE DAY!! Ka-ching! PLUS there was an empty parking spot that was FREE available next to the museum!! KA_CHING KA-CHING!! Holy moly, did we have fun there! Too much to cover it all, but the definite favorites were the trains, the children's area, and the submarine exhibits. Wow. The traffic coming home sucked big time, but we survived.

Whew!! So, after that monologue, if you're still here, you can understand why I'm so beat!!I am ready for a week of predictability! But I am so happy I had this fun fun weekend with Justin and Corinne. I missed my Evan, but he had such a special time with Daddy, that it's ok.
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