Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A mom's pocket

Such a sweet moment this morning. Not sure why it struck me so much, but it did. I was dropping Justin off at school. He got out and I was waiting for the line of traffic to move along. Next to my van, another Mom was dropping off her son. He hugged his little sister goodbye and then gave his mom a wet leaf. She made a comment, and put it in her pocket as he went off to school.

How sweet is that? How often as a mom, do we do things that we normally would have NEVER done? Who wants a wet leaf in their pocket? Or, for that matter, any of the other things that we have dutifully put in our pockets over the years? I have put half-sucked on candies that just HAD to be saved, rocks (some muddy), pinecones, crayons, pens, bubble gum, bits of tape, flowers that met a slow death in the darkness of my pockets, muck-covered pennies found on the sidewalk (I've made about 37 cents over 7 years doing that!), boogery tissues, old band-aids, plastic baggies, and on and on...

I have found SO much stuff in my pockets at laundry time! (But the best thing yet? $20 that I found this weekend!! Ka-CHING!) Also, it is a VERY good idea to check all pockets before washing. Cuz all of the stuff above does not agree well with spin cycles and low heat.
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