Monday, October 02, 2006

Rainy Monday

What a day!

It started out absolutely gorgeous out! We walked to school and it was 65 maybe 70 and big fluffy clouds were spattered across the blue blue sky. Gorgeous.

By 2:00 the sky was pitch black, there was lightning crackling across the sky and the house was a-shakin with the deep deep thunder. I had to leave 20 minutes early to get Evan from preschool and managed to only get partly soaked with Corinne under 2 raincoats. Ran into the building while leaving the baby in the car (locked, of course, but I HATE doing that) and found out that they had spent part of the day in the main hallway because of high winds!

On the way to get Justin from HIS school (right after Evan) we were stuck in stop and stop traffic in puddles the size of small (ok, BIG) ponds. We counted 8 trees down on the 2 main roads we were on! And had to backtrack twice because of blocked roads due to a tree on one and high waters on another.

And it's STILL RAINING. Holy crap. We are watered thoroughly. Enough is enough! I am so happy to have the house all boarded up and stuffy with the cool air outside... Grrrr.... And they're calling for severe thunderstorm, flash flooding, and blah blah blah tonight. Sounds like a GREAT night of sleep for me!

I am done talking about the weather. Sorry. I don't post for a while and I come back to talk about the friggin weather!! What a bore am I...

Justin is being SO much fun lately, but I don't feel like bitchin anymore about him.

Evan is doing great in school! Loves the kids, loves the teachers, and is behaving (or so I'm told!) in class. THANK YOU GOD. I am thrilled to have good reports from school as Justin has been pretty much a trial from day one. Oops. Bitchin about Justin again...

Corinne is a stitch and a half. Her current things to do:

- Dive bomb Mommy's head when Mom is lying on the floor. Literally, she dives across the room and lands on my head!

- Make a sign for "kitty" for every animal she sees and scrunch her face up with delight. She's an animal lover, all right!

- She has abandoned "finding" her eyes and now will point to her ears when asked. But that's it. One body part a week. No repeats.

- She knows when life isn't fair already... If the big brothers have something, then you damn well better plan on her having the same or we will ALL hear her wrath.

- She tackles her brothers! No fru fru girly girl here. Oh no. She will be the first female linebacker. She takes 'em down and takes 'em down HARD. Just wait till I tell them that she's old enough to tackle her back... Oh the fury that will fall upon our ears THEN!!!


I am tired. Tired. Tired. Lots more to say but not enough energy to do so. Night.
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