Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pressure... coming down on me.

I keep having a Janis Joplin song replaying over and over in my head right now.

"Oh Lord... Won't you buy me... a night on the town? I'm counting on You, Lord. Please don't let me down!"

Yeah. I could use a nice stiff drink in a smoky dark bar (well, the smoky part isn't needed. Just makes my eyes water. But go with me here...). Justin came home from school and promptly turned from sweet, nice 7 year old into banshee boy. I seriously was standing in the other room, envisioning smacking him from here to next week (hence, the reason he was in his ROOM, people. Please. No child beater here. But I SO understand how someone with less mental stability and capabilities could break under the pressure.).

Anyway. All is quiet now. He's snacking before finishing up the 5-10 minutes of homework that sent him into meltdown mode and then (oh joy!) some Star Wars video games I'm sure.

Patrick has been fishing in Canada with his Dad since Saturday. I am feeling the pressure building up in my head and heart. Honestly, I can NOT picture having to go this alone. Frightening.

Ok. So I am now off to help with this easy as pie math homework. I am drinking coffee on an almost empty stomach and I think it's ruining my stomach lining, but I must have my Joe.
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