Sunday, August 06, 2006

Time to get the snip, dear.

I was obviously smoking crack or something when I wrote my last post.

ME, with FOUR children? Yah. Right. After days like today, me no think so.

How is it that the people you love the most can drive you the most insane? How is it that I can be reduced to no better than their level of intelligence? It's SO incredibly difficult to remain calm when you have the two oldest SCREAMING that they were wronged, that I am not listening to their side and holding a baby at the same time. All over play-doh and a pinched finger...(Add to that, the dishwasher and the fairly Odd Parents in the background for an overall decibel level of FUN FUN FUN!! (I don't do well with too much noise. Can't concentrate as well.)

So. Someone please remind me of this when I get the babyitis again. I'm sure it'll hit full force when Corinne is about 2. Stick with me till then, kay?

Speaking of Corinne, she is just breaking my heart, she's growing up so fast!! We were at a family reunion yesterday. There was a large sand area with a faucet and play tables. Well, the little ones were FILTHY. And I mean my pale daughter and niece were absolutely brown. But, on the wet sand, Corinne saw the puddles just a little bit ahead of her. Before I knew it, she'd taken 8 steps toward them!! And she keeps on doing it!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!

It was a perfect day for a picnic, at least. My cousin's wife does a great job with putting a whole lineup of games together and great prizes as well. The kids all look forward to it, and I think I'm stealing the "digging for buried treasure" game for a birthday party idea!

Justin threw a few fits which had him stomping off of the egg toss/water balloon field after being told there weren't any extra balloons. phhhbbtttt kid.

Evan had a few minor injuries - both of which were inflicted by yours truly. And both with an egg!! One he caught on the wrist (ouch) and another one I kind of rolled to him but it bounced and totally cracked him in the forehead! But the dang egg didn't break either time!!


Well, it's kind of hard to type while nursing, so I'm off for now.
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