Saturday, July 22, 2006

Home at last!

What a week!

We spent 3 nights at Wisconsin Dells in a water park/hotel. Awesome. We LOVE it. My parents went with and it is always so nice to have that alone time with them. AND the extra hands to help!

Patrick and I did an ejection seat!! Know what that is? It's a metal seat that you're strapped into that has bungee cords attached which are pulled to extreme tension and then released so that you go flinging into the air. CRAZY! So we had to do it twice!

Pat and I took just Justin to Great America outside of Chicago yesterday. (he earned a free ticket by reading 6 hours in Feb). Can I just say that it is so cool to have an older child on days like that? He is a true thrill seeker and rode all the big rides that he was tall enough for. And on the FRONT seat of several! My kid can be really fun.

My Mother in law watched Evan and Corinne and they were GOOD all day yesterday! Can I just say that I was realllllly nervous that Corinne would be a difficult baby. She's almost exclusively breastfed and has only recently started accepting a bottle of watered down juice once a day (in preparation for yesterday!) She still won't take milk from a bottle, only juice, but I left milk for her cereal. My MIL said she ate 2 1/2 jars of food and cereal and 3 bottles of juice! (Can you say "sugar high baby?") She normally gets 1/2 a jar of food and 1 serving of cereal a day - IF I remember. Thank God she was good.

So. I have to catch up on some of my favorite blogs! Sorry if I don't comment on everyone's right away.
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