Sunday, June 04, 2006

A wonderful weekend

Ahhhh.... A beautiful summer night with the kids asleep. It was a great weekend! We went to the zoo, did some MUCH needed deep cleaning (I can see my computer desk!!) and went to buy Corinne a new car seat as her loooong legs were hanging over. :( We got a really cool one that will last her till 100 pounds and seems to be fairly easy to operate. I installed it a moment ago and am all set to go somewhere tomorrow! Especially since my mother-in-law is taking the boys for the day tomorrow!! Woo hoo!! My sister is coming over for a hang-out and I will hopefully finish cleaning the first floor. Justin has his piano "recital" Tuesday night. He will play 7 songs that he's memorized and speak about each one as well. Afterwards, I'm having an ice cream party! Evan has been asking when the ice cream party will be for weeks, now! I am in a good state of mind... We have a little surplus of cash flow which is a big contributor for that feeling and many many plans for fun summer outings! Last night, Patrick and I sat outside with glasses of wine and burgers after the kids went to bed and just hung (hanged?) out. It was so nice. Corinne has a little cough which makes me a bit worried, but I think it's just a summer cough. So. There's my weekend! Hope you all had a nice one and I am just gonna leave it at this...
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