Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The sound... of silence...

(insert Simon and Garfunkel song here) Aaaahhhh... The family is all asleep. My hair is almost dry from the BATH I took with bath fizzies and a book and everything!!! HOLY CRAP!! After this weekend and beginning of the week, I felt I deserved my first bath in a looooooong time. And you know what? I had to cut it short cuz I was getting nauseous and faint. Great. Just what I wanted - to pass out in the tub. So, I had a SHORT bath, but I ended it with a Polar bear wake up: I poured several glasses of cold and colder water over my back and head until I couldn't take it anymore. YIKES! That'll wake you up!

Justin stayed home today and was feeling better when he went to bed. Let's hope it stays that way tomorrow. I can't stand the idea of him missing school on his last weeks! He only has 6 more school days for crying out loud!

I managed to make more and more piles today... piles of clean laundry. piles of folded laundry. piles of laundry that needs to be REWASHED as it still smelled pukey (grrrroooosssss).

Corinne still manages to grow every day even though I am NOT encouraging her to do so. She was up on all fours today. I am literally gonna cry when she is mobile. I had Patrick take a picture of her in my sling today as she napped on my chest. I commented on how beautiful she was and how fast she was growing and he said something to the effect of "Don't be getting any ideas, now!" Puh-lease. As IF. As if I'd REALLY be thinking of a fourth baby. Noooo..... Not meeee.... Sigh. I wish we could afford another - financially and emotionally. But she is our last. (Unless we are pleasantly surprised some day.... I can still hold out on that hope, right?) Of course, when I was in the mayhem of the delivery room with her, I had that moment of remembering "Oh yeaaahhhh. This HURTS LIKE A BITCH. Doh!" Luckily, my kids like to make a fast appearance. I'm rambling again, aren't I?

Evan is getting quite the little mouth on him! I honestly don't know WHERE he gets it from!! (twiddle, twiddle). He has taken to calling Justin a poopyhead and a loser. Nice, huh? And he acts like he didn't know he'd get sent to his room for it every single time!! Grrrr.... He thought it was pretty darn cool to take a bath with her tonight. Splashing and giggling...

I'm hoping for a nice dry day tomorrow. The rain has been nice, and we probably do need more to keep the water levels nice and high (no more drought, please!) but I'd like to take the kids to a park and get some fresh air as we were in the house all day today.

Ah, and I must say good night, dear blogger friends, as I do need my beauty sleep, you know.
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