Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mind Log Post

Man, I miss blogging. The blogging of 8 years ago with the community and the constant thought process of recording a moment in time. I love to read through my old posts and feel the memories of moments I HAD forgotten, brought back to the surface of my mind. So much beauty in this life I live... I'm thinking about renewing my attention here, and writing on more regular basis without really worrying about what I'm writing. I would like to have more of these "nothing special" moments recorded, too....

I am so content at this very moment. This moment, with a messy house, dirty hair, and a hot cup of cappuccino (fancy new coffee making present for Patrick = fancy new coffees for ME. Win/win). This is the part of winter that I LOVE. There are 363 days till Christmas!! That is the best feeling in the world. I may enjoy parts of the holiday season, but I really just want to hibernate, avoid talking to people all the time, skip shaving my legs, and wear fuzzy socks. I love this Season of Soup and Hot Drinks and feel so relaxed right now.

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