Monday, January 26, 2015

A Snowy Day

There is something so incredibly soothing about watching the snow fall.

I really needed that today... We watched the snow and managed some issues and the day wasn't as bad when I allowed myself to focus on each snowflake... just drifting down. No pain or confusion in their path. Just falling without purpose and completely at the mercy of the direction of the wind.

Being online for so much of what I "do," I am honored to be friends with more people than I could ever visit in one year. I love being connected to so many people; I don't feel worthy, but my circle is large. However, it goes without saying that the greater the circle of love, the greater the opportunity for those I care about to be in situations outside of their control. So many people are in so much pain right now... It hurts to know that there isn't a thing I can do other than "send my love" and give "hugs" online.

It truly was a beautiful snowfall, today. It brought me much peace in my heart. I thought about each person I know who is in the middle of their own blizzard and sent many thoughts for peace and healing their ways...

I hope they felt it, even if only for a moment.

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