Monday, March 31, 2014

I Can't Even

I woke up this morning and realized that Justin wouldn't be here today. Spring break is over and he's back at school and that I completely love and completely hate that he attends public school again. I do think that he's getting a decent education and that we actually get along better when we have a break from each other, but... well...he's my kid. He's almost an adult, for crying out loud. I can literally count the years of "childhood" on one hand with him and it freaking sucks.

Speaking of waxing poetic over the loss of one's childhood, Evan turns 12 tomorrow.

Holy hell, that one is making my heart clutch.

All he wants for his birthday is a cell phone.We have told him, repeatedly, that he is too young for a cell phone. He has pleaded, written out reasons why he IS old enough for one, and basically resigned himself to the fact that his parents are cruel and think he is a baby. He does NOT expect a cell phone.

And we totally got him one.

I do love surprising them on their birthdays. Especially when they honestly believe that they cannot receive the item they truly desire. It's our right as their parents to suck every last drop of enjoyment out of this gig; there are plenty of downsides we never accounted for.

So, yay. He's getting a freaking fantastic birthday present and he will be thrilled...but he's turning TWELVE.

It's impossible. It's inconceivable.

My comedian middle child, so full of love and laughter; so charming and witty. Somehow, he's almost a teenager...

And so goes the theme of my birthday posts for my children. Sunrise, Sunset and Where Has The Time Gone, etc. etc.

Excuse me while I go and snuggle with him and hold him while he's still 11...

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