Thursday, November 07, 2013

Listen To Your Mother News!

If she wasn't so darn kind-hearted and sweet, it'd be easy to get irked at her ability to multi-task and be prompt at everything she does. But she IS kind and sweet and generous and open-minded, so it's impossible to do anything but love my co-producer and friend, Melisa Wells; even though she beat me YET AGAIN to posting about the LTYM show.

It's ok. I'm used to it. And she doesn't think less of me that I have my own "time table" so we get along pretty well.

(photo credit Sabrina Persico)

In fact, we have a blast! (She's my platonic lobster!)

Speaking of the Listen To Your Mother Show, it's been officially announced that the 2014 show will be airing in 32 cities across the country! I am thrilled to continue to be involved in such a movement that celebrates motherhood. This will be the third year we host the show in Chicago! I cannot believe it. I guess I can actually own the title of "producer" eh?

Stay tuned for more information on the next year's show! If you've never seen any of the videos, now is the perfect time to pull up a chair and watch a few. You could start with the Chicago 2012 show or the Chicago 2013 show, if you want... ;)

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