Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Please leave God out of it

Here's my issue with bringing God and religion into Civil Rights' issues like marriage equality:

"He" doesn't belong there.

He doesn't. God can belong in your religious ceremony where you and your loved one get married. You can bring God into your home and worship him any way you feel is appropriate.

But God does not belong in a Civil Rights conversation. Separation of Church and State SHOULD mean that, well, the church and the state are SEPARATED.

Your church does not have to recognize a marriage. They don't have to perform ceremonies on anyone they feel do not meet their criteria. Whatever floats your boat, guys.

If I get married in a court house or a ceremony at the beach with a Justice of the Peace, I am not getting married in a "House of God*." Your religious views should have no bearing on whether or not two people have the "right" to wed. Not anymore. Not here. Not in this country.

If you can prove that there is some other reason why 2 people who are committing their lives to each other should not receive the EXACT SAME BENEFITS from the government, including all medical, property, taxes, etc., then please: let's discuss. But do NOT bring a religious deity into the conversation.

*My opinion is that the entire world is the House of God and that churches are buildings where people go to try to become closer to the religion, not God. But that is my own experience and (hopefully) not yours. I just know that being surrounded by strangers who may be judging what I am wearing and judging the behavior of my family in a building is not the most comfortable place to commune with the Universe.
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