Monday, April 29, 2013


L-R Top: Erin Skibinski, Samantha Schultz, Tracy Jensen, Tracey Becker, Shannan Younger, Robin Frisch, Sheila Quirke & Nadine Warner. Bottom: Lisa Noel,Sarah Zematis, Marianne Walsh, Jocelyn Geboy, Melisa Wells, Elizabeth Rago, RoiAnn Phillips, Shannon Duffy, and Liz Joynt Sandberg

Women are definitely not the fairer sex. We are fierce and fantastic warriors who have discovered that you don't always need a weapon that physically maims to make a difference.


Words my friends. They cause the brain to pause and consider. Words, when strung together in sentences and paragraphs and then formulated into entire essays with a direction behind them can soothe broken hearts and enlighten confused minds.

How blessed do I feel to be grouped with such a diversely talented collection of writers? How large does my heart feel to know that this moment in time will be one that I will look back upon someday with a swelling of pride and emotion?

I am overwhelmed and honored to be co-producing for a second year. It might seem silly, but to be able to put the title "co-producer" beside my name and actually OWN it is astonishing and amazing and... just... staggering.

See those ladies up there? They have been rehearsing and fine-tuning and fretting for months. They have invested so much of their time and lives into this show and we couldn't be more grateful for their efforts.

I hope you are able to experience this year's Listen To Your Mother show. I hope you are able to ride the emotional roller coaster that these women will take you on; it's going to be phenomenal!

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