Monday, March 04, 2013

A very long, very wordy, overly photographed vacation post from our trip to Florida...

The car ride to and from Florida. Oh, the car ride! I wonder if I flippantly volunteered to drive all 3 kids by myself simply because I wanted to be a martyr? Is that why? It probably is; it sounds like something I would do. At this point, it's kind of blurry but some of the same phrases seemed to repeat and repeat and repeat....

Don't touch your sister!

Seriously, who took off their shoes?!? Good God. Let me spray something on your feet because they smell like a locker room. (searches one-handed behind the seat while driving 80 mph on an interstate somewhere in Tennessee and pulls out a bottle of spray-sunscreen). Perfect. Give me your feet. (And now the car smells like a locker room and banana-scented sunscreen).

Oh, you're bored? Gee, I'm sorry. Cuz I'm having a freaking BLAST sitting in the same position for hours and hours while smelling your feet and staring at the road. You know what would be the opposite of boring? If I were to crash into the mountain rocks on the side of the road because I am YELLING at you for whining about boredom! BE QUIET and SUCK IT UP.

Don't touch your sister! Not her arm, or her hair, or her foot, or her EYEBROW. NOWHERE ON HER BODY. Just Don't.Touch.HER.

~It wasn't all bad, though. We played car games that had us laughing hysterically and sang the same songs over and over again because the reception for radio stations in the middle of farmland isn't always full of variety. They told jokes and read books and we never got lost.

And the memories that are sticking with me are the ones that matter the most, anyway.
First day in the parks and we're already getting photo-bombed by Corinne..
Magic Kingdom!
My children actually know and like the movie "Swiss Family Robinson" so the tree house has a whole different meaning for them. We had families surrounding us with parents saying to their children "It's about a family on an island, I think. JUST ENJOY IT. We'll go on Pirates of the Caribbean soon, I promise."

We brought the cold from Chicago to Florida for a few days and were grateful we'd brought our hoodies and hats... Still magical, though.
And Justin got to meet and spend lots of time with his girlfriend that he met on Xbox Live. I kid you not; they met playing video games. ;)
See her teeth? This is a day before I pulled ANOTHER TOOTH from the mouth of my youngest. She can barely bite anything and leaves the most interesting track lines in a strawberry.
Yes. That is my honey with his very own American Idol number pinned on his chest. He auditioned for and was selected for the Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios. Despite having spent the previous 3 days screaming on rides, he still made it through the auditions. Love him. He had a BLAST.

I found this pic when I was scrolling through. Patrick said he had to document that his youngest still holds his hand. It won't last much longer though... And now I'm gonna weep for a moment...

Holy Coldness. Epcot was frigid.
 My babies.... They're getting so big!
 The safari was a ton of fun at Animal Kingdom. The animals were really active and the tour guide did a great job.
 Corinne just had to jump into any street dance we walked by...
 The ONLY complete family photo from the entire trip. I have no idea how that happened...
 Ice cream before a roller coaster? Why not?
 Everest Experience at Animal Kingdom. We rode it ELEVEN TIMES.
 Just before the Philharmagic at Magic Kingdom. We had never seen it before and it was a lot of fun!
 Well, what do you know? Corinne is dancing again.
 My own animal wrangler, collecting lizards around our townhouse. The next night found me uttering a sentence most women could only dream of: "Holy crap! Your dad is outside chasing an armadillo!"
 The lizard. No photos of the armadillo because EW.
 Cocoa Beach!
 I wouldn't want to 'live' at the beach, but I sure do wish I lived closer to one...
 My younger two wish it, too.
We decided that we want to have a beach house on Cocoa Beach, Florida for extended vacations. Now we just need the extra income...
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