Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Dentist

Been a little busy lately what with all the DIY Dentistry I've been called upon to administer in addition to the whole business of fielding questions from audtionees for LTYM and making fancy spreadsheets with tape, highlighters and spiral notebook paper. It's high-tech around here.

I just can't stop asking her to talk with lots of "s" words.

"Say 'Stuart Little', Corinne!"

She sighs and commences with "Thu-art Little."

"Hee Hee! Ok, now say 'Silly, silly, seals, sitting on the shore."

Sighs again, smiles and says "Thilly, thilly theals, thitting on the thore."


She has lost 3 teeth in one week and has another loose one. The Tooth Fairy is getting a little perturbed about her lack of loose change but Corinne is making out like a bandit.
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