Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Traditions...

 Evan had grand plans for last night including, but not limited to:

Family Dinner followed by a Christmas movie and then egg nog and snacks in front of the Christmas tree where we would sleep under the lights.

I am so happy that we were able to match all of his plans. We even added about an hour of cards into the mix and wrapped it all up with a Christmas book read-a-thon before Mommy passed out first.

I sure do hope this becomes a new tradition for us because it was crazy sweet and fun...
 Where to put the cards and pennies for the anty when your dog gets involved in the cuddling?
 Answer: ON the dog. Who is named "Penny". Oh, the jokes that were made...
 That little girl kicked my ass so many times. "I have a Full House, Mommy."
 And the very next game, guess who had ANOTHER Full house??? (I swear to you that we don't stack the deck).*

My back is sore from sleeping on the floor, there are blankets and pillows all over my living room and I think someone's egg nog glass spilled in the middle of the night...

And I wouldn't change a damn thing.

*Right around that time, Patrick switched to Blackjack. I asked if we were "bad parents" for teaching our kids Blackjack and Poker and how to gamble. Pat replied that we were providing them with valuable life skills. And Math! Don't forget the math.
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