Saturday, December 29, 2012

A little late to the game...

 Santa was very happy with the cookies and he totally forgave the fact that they were made with only brown sugar since I am so awesome at this whole "shopping for groceries" thing that I was OUT OF SUGAR on Christmas Eve... He ate about 8 cookies and then hit the Real Egg Nog that was in the fridge in lieu of milk.
All of the cousins were happy and healthy on Christmas Day (though not the day after) which is, in my opinion, all that is needed to qualify this as a Successful Christmas. The fact that they all received  their presents with polite responses and moderate patience levels just sealed the deal. All in All: A good holiday.
Penny's response to not receiving any new toys for Christmas...

I am so glad we are done having babies or else this would concern me.

Note to self: buy the poor dog a toy next year.

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