Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Sometimes the autumn weather is just too beautiful for school work or cleaning or prepping for the garage sale, so you have to take the dog for a hike in the woods...
 So we did. And it was fabulous.
 Evan and Corinne found the best way to spend 45 minutes: throwing rocks into a creek that has leaves perpetually falling so that your dog can bound after each and every splash...

Have you ever seen a happier dog than one who is bounding after splashes? She cracked us up every time she "killed" a fallen leaf. She is the ultimate protector pooch.
 It's all fun and games till somebody loses a shoe in the mud...
 He was perfectly fine with the idea of leaving the shoe behind.
Thankfully, he has a gymnast for a sister so she was able to go all 007/Jacques Cousteau on a special shoe rescue.

Is it any wonder I haven't updated in a week?

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