Thursday, October 04, 2012

She's ALIIIIVE!!!!

Oh, hello! How've you been? Mmm.-hmmm... ~ nods and smiles ~ Glad to hear it. Hope you're having a good fall.

Where have I been? Well, I've been busy with all of the trees and hiking and beer drinking and romantic nights alone with my husband. I guess it's not too shocking that I didn't really miss the internet on my unplanned vacation from web connection, is it?

Let the oversharing of vacation photos commence!
The Waters of Minocqua, WI. Great hiking trails behind the hotel. A good choice, but there are hundreds of options in this area for hotels that are beautiful...

 The photos of the colors honestly don't do it justice. I know we spent about 43% of our time in Wisconsin saying "Wow! Look at that tree!"
 Wildwood Wildlife Park... I was expecting a small park and was surprised that it was actually a REALLY nice ZOO complete with lions, tigers and bears. And a pesky goat that tried to eat my brochure. This is a pic of me giving a bottle of sugar water to a black bear; see the claws?
 When you go to a historical museum in a small town on your anniversary trip, does that mean you are getting old?
 FYI, the crank phone in the basement of the museum didn't work. And my cell phone had lousy reception, too. I should probably write them a letter about that.
 Yes. I got out of the car to take a picture by the giant loon... Yes, people were honking.
 Even the heavens above shine upon me and Pat.
 We want to take the kids to this campground next time. Bent's Camp in Northern Wisconsin. Gorgeous area.
 Honey, you're "such a handsome man!"

 I thought this tree was a telephone pole when I first saw its trunk....
See that little speck at the left of the tree's base? That's me for perspective....
Enough of that nature shizzle. Time for BEER!
Surprising amount of people at the Beef-A-Rama in Minocqua, WI...
Oooh! Riddle of the day: What do you get when you sit on a tree stump at a festival in Northern Wisconsin? A SAPPY ASS.
Can I "rawr" for myself? I should ask Jules. She knows about these things...

 I gotta tell you, the small town folk know how to party at their festivals. Beer was a-flowing and the "Red Cup" (not to be confused with the Red SOLO Cup) ladies were feeling fine by noon.
 This bar? This bar had great beer and gorgeous views from every window and balcony. I'd like to comment on their food, but we weren't exactly there for the vittles...
 No internet connection!!!

4 days with the only person in my household that I actually CHOSE out of everyone else in the world. I love my kids, but Pat's my best friend. And I LIKE to hang out with him! Go figure.

Happy 15 Year Anniversary, honey!

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