Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Writing...

Yerp. Just wearing my very cozy, snuggy yoga pants and a Bears hoodie.  Though, can they be honestly called “yoga pants” if I have never done yoga in them? (or in any other pants, for that matter).

Corinne is in a history class while Evan waits for his “gross science” class in the common area. It’s quiet except for the periodic beeps of my cell phone as Patrick texts me regarding tonight’s Bears game, the scratching of Evan’s pencil as he draws scene after scene of stick man battles, a beginner's painful violin lesson in a distant classroom and the thunderstorm’s impending arrival outside. 

A good morning, indeed.

This weekend was fabulous. Fa.Bu.Lous. We took Evan and Corinne and 2 of their friends to Dollinger Family Farm in Minooka, IL on Saturday. We love this farm because of its really unique layout, scenery and activities but we also enjoy going during their yearly Civil War Reenactment weekend to see the battle and wander around the encampments. The reenactors are SO knowledgeable and interesting! Corinne and her friend spent a good 30 minutes in the medical tent talking with the doctors about how men would be treated on the battlefields in the late 1800’s. Corinne removed a bullet from a fake leg, they learned why so many soldiers contracted scurvy from eating only hard tack, salt pork and coffee for months on end, and we watched a soldier demonstrate how to clean his weapons with burlap and ashes. Where were Evan and his buddy? Not a clue. 

It’s kind of cool and kind of horrible to have children grow up to the point where you can let them wander around a festival-type situation. 

We eventually caught back up with them at the hay bales. Evan had on one shoe (AGAIN) , there was hay and straw sticking up out of their hair and they were smiling from ear to ear. They must have had a good time without the old folks…

Corinne discovered that she doesn’t like haunted houses after all. That was fun. I was waiting outside the house with her friend while Pat and the boys and Corinne went through. A few minutes later and she came tearing around the back corner of the building, hair flying, face soaked, and totally embarrassed.  Maybe she would have done better if I had gone through, too? 

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