Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just Write...

I wish you could see my son and dog right now. He is in his snuggies (plaid pajama bottoms), curled up on the couch watch Deadliest Warrior. Covering his torso, curled and twisted into a weird, canine pretzel, lies our dog. Completely trusting and absolutely passed out with her belly to the ceiling.

"Look at her eyes, Mama. Now look at mine. Hers. Mine. Hers. Mine. Now, what do you think?"

"Uhh... What? They're all brown?"

"DU-UUuuhHH. We're reLATed. We have the same eyes. She is the best sister, ever."

Oblivious to this sleight, his HUMAN sister sits across the room upon the dilapidated "gamer chair", ear plugs inserted deeply and MP3 player blaring Taylor Swift's new song while watching Minecraft videos on YouTube.

"WeeEEEEE Are NeverEverEVER: Getting back toGEtherrrr!"

Where is Patrick? Isn't his basketball game over by now? My lord, it's been a long day.

"Why is Corinne always tired on Tuesdays?" asked her gymnastics coach. "She tried to explain but I didn't understand a word she was saying."

"Oh, we have homeschool co-op with classes and a long P.E. class and she gets really tired. In fact, she falls asleep on the way to gymnastics on Tuesdays because of it!" I explained. Explaining a co-op to the unaware isn't always, well, self-explanatory. It ended on a half-hearted chuckle and we headed home. But not before stopping at Burger King for an emergency nugget purchase.

Tuesdays really are long days.

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