Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish...

Do you know what you get when your husband goes fishing in Canada for 10 days?

Besides piles of stinky laundry and a very scruffy spouse?
(And reunion sex!) (blushing)

Stacks and stacks of lovely, delicious FISH!

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

Well. Ok, that's a bit of  a stretch. I have seen LOTS of things more beautiful...

But have you ever seen such a beautiful PILE OF FISH???

Don't they look awesome in my Whirlpool fridge? (It's so nice to know that THIS freezer actually keeps my frozen foods, well, FROZEN. Such a concept!)

I'll be guarding this fishy goodness till this weekend when we invite our family over for a little yearly fish fry. It shall be DELICIOUS and FABULOUS and, the best part is that it's a party that I DON'T COOK FOR!

*Disclaimer: I will be reviewing this Whirlpool refrigerator for the next year. Though these posts will be sponsored, all opinions and words will be my own.

1 comment:

object permanence blog said...

Yes, an impressive pile of fish (words I've never used before). Thanks for the smile!

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