Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Reason I Don't Go Into Scary Basements...

"Know what Aunt G said? She said that when she moved into her house, she and her boyfriend heard Hitler in the furnace."

"They said they heard... what?"

"Hitler. In the furnace."

 I quietly tried to come up with a response here. I am sure that his aunt believes that she heard something. Maybe she did. Maybe there was a tv show on that echoed German? Maybe she has psychic connections that I don't know about? All I know is that Evan has a very vivid imagination and a serious issue turning that imagination off come nightfall. I had to nip this in the bud ASAP!

"Ummm.... I... I don't think it was actually HITLER, honey. It probably just sounded like something German, or..."

"No. She said they heard him. They heard him talking. In the FURNACE." (in case I wasn't clear about the enormity of the situation, he enunciated that final sentence

"Evan, I can tell you right now; Hitler was not talking to your Aunt through her furnace."

(silence for a bit as we both think about this scenario...)

"What did Grandma say when she heard your Aunt talking about Hitler in the furnace?"

"She said that as long as he stays in the furnace, it'll be ok."

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