Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

 Sometimes, it doesn't matter how perfectly you Mapquest your trip; you still get lost.
 Sometimes, getting lost and "missing" the big activity can lead you to a need to rest and recharge (and wipe away some tears. Ah, hormones are grand!).
 You may find yourself on a gorgeous beach, on a beautiful day, with the sun bright and the breeze in your face.
 Your children may discover the awesomeness of a big rock on a small beach in a big city...
 You might even happen to have bathing suits, a camera, and a BLANKET in your car!
 Though your original destination would have been great fun, you may realize that this Plan B ain't so shabby, either.
 Especially when you have children who can sculpt castles with their hands...
 ...and discover treasure after treasure on the sparkling beach.*
 And so you relax and breathe and smile.
 And the castle grows in all the ways that castles do; with plastic handle drawbridges, feathery flags and bottlecap helmets on rubber duck guardians.
 Lo and behold, you may even find that the ice cream man will take pity on you as you're trying to wrap the day up and head home.
This was definitely not the day I'd planned.

I am so glad I got lost when I stopped for gas...**

*Caution: Sparkling Beaches in Chicago = broken beer bottles.
**But not happy about Chicago's issues with entrance ramps and construction and detour signs that disappear. Not happy at all.
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