Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sweet Whispers

There isn't any other way to wake up than to the sweet cuddles and kisses of your 4 year old daughter. She stroked my face and kissed my eyebrows and I sighed happily and gave her a kiss back. She snuggled down onto my shoulder and squeezed me tightly. And then, ever so softly, and with the kindest of voices, she whispered this advice to me:

"Hey Mommy? When you wake up and get out of bed? You should get right into the shower, ok?"


Nothing like sweetly being told you STINK by your preschooler at 7 am...

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. Especially since, well... she was right!
Have a great week. Be sure to bathe often. 
I just read this oldie in my archives from 2009 and laughed so hard I had to share it again. Also? I am lazy. Or tired from too much sun. Or something. But isn't she cute??? I am so glad I have this blog to record these memories. Whenever I feel like I'm a little burned out, I browse through memory lane on my blog and am SO GRATEFUL to myself of 6 years ago when I suddenly got the urge to start a "blog thing". THANK YOU TRACEY of 2006!
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