Thursday, April 26, 2012

Would you like some Fries with that?

"What time is it? Holy cow! It's 3:50! Let's go! Let's Go!"

I hate it when we're rushed like that. Now that Corinne has gymnastics at 4:30, twice a week, we are often heading out of our house just as the neighborhood kids are heading home from school. Being that I like to be early and never late, I usually allow extra time for unforseen situations.

"Mommy, are these the only granola bars we have for our snack?" Evan asked as he rummaged through the van while we cruised down the highway. I glanced back and, sure enough, they were the almond bars that he hates, NOT the peanut bars that he likes.

"Damn. I am so sorry, Evan! Ummm... Maybe we can stop at McDonald's really quickly for a dollar menu item, ok?" His face was so bummed. He loves those peanut granola bars and I totally spaced and grabbed Justin's almond box. I cannot be perfect, every moment of every day, folks.

"Welcome to McDonald's. Would you like to try a value meal?"

"No thanks. One sec, please!" stage whisper to the backseat, "Guys, WHAT do you want?!? Come on! We have to hurry and they're waiting!"

They hemmed. They hawed. They drove me up the wall.

"Can I have a McFlurry?"

"Hell no. I am not paying for a McFlurry. You can have a sandwich or a shake. DECIDE."

"Fine, I'll have a vanilla shake, I guess." (Said like I was forcing him to eat dirt.)

"Ok, Corinne. Your turn. Come on, Corinne! Decide!"

"I'd like a Shamrock shake."

"They don't have those anymore."

"Yes they do, Mommy."

"NO, they don't! Pick vanilla or chocolate."

"They DO have Shamrock Shakes!"

"I swear to you, Corinne; the shakes aren't here anymore. They're seasonal. Pick a different flavor!!"

"MomMEEE, they DO have Shamrock shakes!!!! I know because..."


My vein is pulsing on my forehead. Tears are in her eyes. The tension in the van is high and, just as the crying (mine and hers) was about to begin, the drive-thru speaker crackled to life.

"Excuse me? Ma'am? I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt, but, well, we do have Shamrock Shakes."

(Oh. My. God.)

"You're kidding me. Ah,heh, heh. Great...Ah, we'd like a small Shamrock shake, too, please."

The kids are giggling. I am mortified. The cashier doesn't make eye contact with me as I pass her my cash.

It's days like these that I remember how very important it is to carefully pack our snacks.
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