Monday, March 19, 2012

In like a...

Between the weather and the kids and Listen To Your Mother I am finding myself on my blog and YOUR blogs a lot less this spring! It's a good kind of busy though, so I can't be bummed too badly.
My seedlings are going crazy, so maybe an early spring is a good thing?

Especially when the weather is all confused and we're getting 80 degree days in MARCH. That means open windows, billowing curtains and walks to the park. It means playing tag in the dark, sandals in the garden, and rock music blaring from my van's sun roof. (Oh yeah. I'm a rockin' mom).Listen To Your Mother is coming along beautifully. We had our first read through on Sunday and, once they were all finished and the tears were wiped away and the smiles were being shared amongst the cast, Melisa and I shared a special smile of our own. We knew. We knew we had decided correctly. Considering the enormous volume of quality pieces from which we had to chose, it's amazing that we were able to narrow it down to the final cast.
It flows really well. REALLY well. Like we're kinda, sorta doing something right.If you're interested in attending (and I hope that you are!) the tickets will go on sale on Thursday, March 22 for the May 6 performance in Chicago. Not to toot our own show (Toot! Toot!), but I highly expect that the show will sell out and sell out quickly. If you are planning on coming, be sure to visit the LTYM Chicago site where we will announce the theater and ticket information on Thursday morning.
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