Sunday, December 04, 2011

O Happy Day!

Truly, it has been quite some time since I last felt such elation; such anticipation. In fact, I could probably trace the most recent incident of this extreme happiness to somewhere in the winter of 2000, when I purchased a leather coat that I still love and adore.

My friends? It was well past my time for joy...

Flannel. Is. Back.*


I literally leapt out of my seat and clasped my hands together when not one but TWO TEENAGERS and an adult who works at a high school (an even BETTER fashion advisor than the teens!) confirmed this revelation in my fashion-ignorant head. How did I miss this development? Why didn't I see it coming when the 80's reared its ugly head in scrunch boots and over-sized sweaters?**I mean, it makes perfect sense NOW, in retrospect, that after the 80's big bangles and flourescent colors would come the NINETIES!

Ahhh... the 90's. A time of perfect fashion. A time of flannel shirts, body suits, jeans I understand and hand-beaded necklaces. Bring it ON!

I am so pumped for this comeback! Not only because I may just look "fashionable" for once, but also because I can now stock up on the styles that I LIKE, before they are out of style again. I totally understand why women tend to pick a style and stick with it. This whole "changing the fashion rules every 5-8 years because teenagers want to appear 'unique' and 'special' even though they're really just repeating the styles from a couple of decades ago but using different colors and fabrics so everyone completely KNOWS that the outfit you're wearing and trying to pass off as 'new' is 23 years old instead of purchased yesterday" SUCKS. I want off of this fashion wagon! I don't want to ride anymore! Just let me fill my backpack with ample Grunge-worthy clothing and I'll watch it drive off into the distance. I'll laugh from the ditch in my flannel the entire time the next generation tries to twist bell-bottoms and pedal pushers into some weird concoction made out of see-through fabric that has Wifi capabilities.

*Ok, It has come to my attention that flannel has actually been "back" for quite some time now, but I must argue that it couldn't have been really, TRULY "back" if I hadn't noticed it. I.E. I am confirming the actual START of the Flannel-Come-Back movement. Let your Grunge-wearing commence.... NOW.

**The truth is, I kinda like oversized sweaters but they really only look decent on the very tall, very thin, and very hip. I fall short (literally) on all 3 of those counts and the result is a lumpy potato with hair that is showing its grays...
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