Friday, September 30, 2011

I should be their Spokeperson. I really, really should.

I have finally been digging to the bottom of the huge box of samples that P&G sent to me after attending BlogHer11. Yes, I know it's been over 2 months.

This has led to the discovery of several girly products like "ampoule" for my hair from Pantene and a few items from Oil of Olay. So this week? I decided to be a girl and take care of my hair and face. I'm not sure what I was expecting from that ampoule thing, but the bottle claimed it would refresh and heal my split ends and the damage it has weathered, etc. etc. All I know is that after I used it? My hair still needed a trim. So it's hard to tell if the goop is working when all I can see is 14 different lengths of raggedy, tired hair. Nevertheless, my hair was clean and that's always the makings for a good day around here. So I decided to forge onward and use the moisturizing stuff on my face. In for a penny, after all.

Holy, holy, holy, y'all. My face! Now, maybe it's just because I was remembering to WASH it or maybe it's because of the products, but my face IS looking less war-torn and beat-up! I use the daily wash cloths thingies to clean the make-up off, and then apply the Regenerist stuff to my face and neck and my skin looks and feels AWESOME. Like, baby's butt/rubbing-my-cheeks-all-day/here,-touch-my-cheek-stranger-at-the-grocery-store AWESOME.

I shoved my nose up into Patrick's eyeball last night to prove my point. As he rubbed his bleeding cornea, he dutifully nodded and agreed that YES. I look just like I was 17 again!

So. There you have it. Clear evidence that Oil of Olay's Regenerist will knock a whole 10 years off your age.


*Got the package for attending BlogHer and haven't ever talked to P&G but man-oh-man am I going to email them soon and suggest that I should be their new spokesperson for Oil of Olay. I don't even need to be paid in MONEY. Just in a lifetime supply of Regenerist. Well, maybe a little money, too. If they offer. I'm no martyr.
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