Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Required Post-BlogHer Inundation of Pictures of Bloggers

Ok. Wow. Very, very tired from BlogHer. So tired that I don't even want to blog. Maybe this whole "blogging conference" idea is counter productive?

Whatever. Here are a few pictures of me and people that you may or may not care to look at but mean a whole bunch to me because we BONDED, yo. Whether they remember me or not.

Also, for some reason, I put my pictures in reverse order and I am not going to rearrange them because it's MY blog and I'll do what I want to.

Ka-pow, beeyatch.

Alexandra, Jessica, and Lela chatting it up at the Aiming Low party. I was getting quite ridiculous at this point and I think Lela may believe that I write a humor blog or something. Surprise!
Momo Fali aka Diane is da bomb. She did this thing with her hand that I won't write about but which will be forever embedded in my mind. You're totally wondering now, aren't you?
Jim aka Busydad likes me. He really likes me! Which is good because I am a crazy stalker of his blog (which he doesn't update often enough because he has a "Job" and is "Important" and shit. Whatever. I'll still pimp him out because his blog posts are worth waiting a month for. Seriously.)
Ooh! That's me! I look all relaxed and Californian'ed. Because I WAS. I had a margarita by the pool and nobody was asking me to hold anything or to watch them cannonball 42 times in a row. I was Chilled. Out.

I put my Big Girl Pants on and went about a strange city by myself before the conference started. That? That is one of the highlights of the entire week. I hit the Maritime Museum and went on a freaking pirate ship. And I ate fish tacos with a Corona at a restaurant without anyone beside me and LOVED it. I kinda adore the idea of individual vacations. Not ALL the time, for sure. But occasionally, it's freaking awesome to just exist without anyone around you.
My newest BFF, Trina, aka Lynn, aka Walking With Scissors. She has a lot of names. It's one of her "Special issues" but I'll overlook it because she and I got along so well. Muwah! Alberta, Canada is too far away...
Heh. BACKWARDS pictures because this is me and Lisa right after we met up on our first day, enjoying lunch before our Hornblower cruise around the bay (Awesome!). I highly recommend having a wingman on a BlogHer trip. Someone who has your back should you text "I'm all alone! Help!" and doesn't think poorly of you.

ALSO!! I did a Flash Mob on Friday during the lunch session. You can watch the video here to see ME the best... It was AWE.Some. I am really visible around the 3/4 mark and on wearing a green and white tank dress with my hair all down and crazy and messing up the arm motions.

And that's about it for now. I have about a hundred more photos but most of them are a little embarrassing (I have a tendency for taking really silly pictures of myself). Also? I'm done typing.
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