Monday, August 15, 2011

A post full of memories

That's a massive pile of sand. Deceptively enormous. When you try to climb the large peak at Warren Dunes, you will feel like a weak and puny girly-man (even if you're a girl).
But the rush on the run back down is worth the effort...
Do you have any clue how many pounds of beach we brought back with us?
You wouldn't think that Lake Michigan could have actual "waves", would you? Body boarding without salt water in your mouth? Sign me up.
Sigh... I just wanted a picture without food in their mouths but they couldn't stop eating the delicious turkey and sand sandwiches I concocted. I am THAT GOOD at folding bread and meat.
I was there! With the beach umbrella! See? I even have a picture to prove it.
And then... the rain. Oh the rain, rain, rain, rain.
And the mud.
We found out that this year was the last year for our tent. It now resides in a dumpster in lower Michigan. Leaks, broken zipper, busted poles and such. It was a good tent, while it lasted.
Soooo very dirty. But happy.

And mosquito bitten. But happy.

Corinne and her cousin made the word "dirty" into a noun, this weekend.
Crazy, gusty, sandy goodbye. The wind was whipping the grit into our eyes and causing waves big enough to freaking SURF ON. Surfers in Michigan are Hard Core, y'all. Cold water? Pshaw.
See? Gritty eyes. Still handsome, though.Blueberry season is HERE. We hit a local farm before leaving Michigan and the kids had so much fun. All for under $5 after we paid for the berries we were bringing home. (the ones in our bellies were free)
Side note: Evan has a cowlick from HELL on his forehead. I actually cut the hair over his right eye LONGER than the rest of his forehead hair, but it STILL creeps up and twists about and makes it look like he's slightly neglected.

When we find an activity that all 3 kids enjoy, we mark that shit down in a freaking BOOK and repeat and repeat and repeat. Blueberry picking is definitely becoming a family tradition.
This kid? This kid had a blast. Between the body boarding, dune hiking, s'mores making and playing telephone around the campfire, he made more memories than I can ever attempt to record. I'm so glad I was there to witness it...
And now I have approximately 23 loads of laundry to wash, 3 batches of blueberry muffins to make, 12 bags of sand to dump out and 346 blogs to read.

Which do you think I'll do first?


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