Monday, April 04, 2011

This is not directed at you, it's that other parent from that other day. Swear to God.

Those signs that say "For Ages 5 - 12" or "Recommended for children over 5" are there for a reason. I'm not saying that you shouldn't allow your 2 year old on the playground. I did it with my kids all the time! I'm also not saying that your kids shouldn't be there. Bring them out! Have a ball. But you cannot, in the same breath, condemn children for being overweight and lazy and then rant and rave over how your toddler isn't safe on the playground because of all of the Obnoxious Big Kids "taking it over." You just can't.

Just wait until your own little guy is a pre-teen. Pre-teen basically equates to Little Kid in a Big Kid body. Same amount of energy and same misconcepts of body space and surroundings but too old for playing make-believe in the backyard. So it's off to the park they go to play Cherry Bomb and Color Tag and Lord knows what else but they all require RUNNING on the equipment. Yes, RUNNING. Can you believe it? American pre-teens RUN.NING. Shouldn't they be playing video games or something?!?

I'm not saying that they shouldn't be looking down when running on the equipment. They should and, actually, they DO! But your little guy is just SO LITTLE that he's bound to get knocked down on the equipment. His balance just isn't capable of climbing those stairs for FIVE YEAR OLDS and holding onto the railing AND withstanding the wind tunnels that the older children create with their PLAY. He will most likely receive the standard playground apology of "Oh! Sorry, man!" as they run to the next game.That is obviously not the BEST apology in the world, but it is what all the kids tend to do. It's kind of the Law of the Playground; Every Man for Himself. Again, if you have a problem with that? Then the playground that is recommended for ages 5 and UP probably isn't the best spot for your child.

Want to help fight childhood obesity? Then encourage them to run around and be wild on the damn playgrounds. That's what they're THERE FOR.
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